Wednesday, October 2, 2013

about the bithgivers aka 'parents'

  • Parents: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Parents: ...
  • Me: *Puts headphones on*
  • Parents: wertyujk
  • Me: What
  • Parents: drefghjbngj
  • Me: *Takes headphones off*
  • Parents: ...
  • Parents: ...
  • Parents: ...
  • Me: *Puts headphones back on*
  • Parents: asdfguhvb
  • Me: What
  • Parents: EWSRTFGVHBJ
  • Me: *Takes headphones off*
  • Parents: ...

 ^Annoyance. All day, everyday.

Okay so Parents. the birth givers, and we need to remember that as we're growing up, they're growing old etc etc, but srsly when they accuse us of talking back
well excuse you I was just defending myself!

After many 'incidents' with friends coming over, I think we need a universal sign for "My parents don't know about that!" like why would you even mention events like that is it really necessary

50% of the time: You're an adult now, you can do things by yourself!
50% of the time: Shut up you know nothing, you're still a baby.

Also why do they think it's so easy to get straight A's in school. "B's aren't good enough" well excuse you juggling a social, academic and athletic life isn't easy. Athletics is what I live for JK LEL Doctor Who is my hoe. And David Tennant is my ultimate man candy ok not ok it's an addiction but well he's the definition of *DAAAAMN YOU FINE*.

When my parents are sleeping: me-*Literal pin drop silence*
When I'm sleeping: parents-"HEY WHY DON'T WE VACUUM THE HOUSE NOW"

Also if i'm in your house please please please don't leave me alone with your parents.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I hate seeing hashtags everywhere

So, I blink a lot talk pretty fast. Mny people ask me why I talk so fast. Today, I know my answer: "Why do you listen so slow?"
So now I'm on the computer, with one question on my mind: Which A-hole decided to cut naptime after kindergarten? Now be happy I didn't ruin this post with a hashtag. #HashtagsOnlyForTwitter

So I found this package for popcorn, with an "Easy open facility". I ended up using scissors, a knife, a hammer, a gun and a lightsaer to open it. Easy open my foot.

So I'm thinking about my chemistry test. Ran into my teacher this morning. she told me 'Not to worry, the test is very easy'. Well, ofcourse its esy for her. SHE ALREADY KNOWS THE ANSWERS.

And, yesterday night i tried finding the light switch on my wall. Then i realised what I was doing- I was sexually rubbing the wall to turn the bightness on. Then I randomly started laughing. At 2AM in the night, when your parents are sleeping in their room next to your room, it wa a bad idea.

ciao amigoooos! I'm off to start reading the harry potter books now.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Muse, Spiderman, nutella and Flo

That awkward moment when you flip your hair and boys don't get overwhelmed.

So for the past two weeks I've lived with my best friend (Not Koen, Her name is Flo)! We both love nutella, jello, waffles, the big band theory, pranking, video games, coding, doing dares, being random to strangers, basketball, soccer, swimming and so many other things! We laugh for no reason sometimes, and it feels awesome!

And, today, I asked my dad what it was like having an awesome child, and he said, "Well, meka. I don't know. Ask your grandad." then before, when i asked my dad "Whats up?" He said "My blood pressure". Gotta love humour! 

And I have a chemistry test coming up when school starts again for me, this Wednesday. Chemistry jokes are sodium funny! See what I did there? sodium? I'm hilarious. 

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN RELEASED HERE! and i'm super hyped about it! I've been wanting to see it for over a year! No joke, seriously a year and a half. Andrew Garfield is a very talented actor, who looks hot as (well/hell). And I love Emma Stone, I can't wait to see her in the movie as well! 

And, my favourite band, muse, wrote the main official song for the Olympic Games London 2012! It's called survival, and muse is super awesome, so a beautiful song didn't surprise me! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Randomly saying birth

If life was easy, I'd be bored. School may be hard, irritating and at time annoying, but I'm going to miss it when it ends. Sure, I get loads of homework, exam pressure and am on CCEvaluation, but that's just life isn't it? without any work for me to do I'd just be alone and lazy.

So back to what happened today. At lunch, my friend asked my other friend for food indirectly by saying "I'm hungry."He replied saying "IDGAF". My hungry friend thought it meant "I don't give away Food". I swear at times she's dumber than Patrick. But I can't live without her.

Also, today during chemistry sir was supposed to write "Amphoteric Oxides" on the board. Koen randomly said "birth" and sir wrote Amphoteric Birth and rubbed it off! He tried it again during math, and got sent out of the classroom.

I'm supposed to be doing homework right now. This proves that even when I have absolutely nothing to do, I still don't do homework.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Is it centre or center

I cant believe i got more than 3000 views! Thankyou!
So i think i'm going to resume blogging. For about a couple months my social life had been at an all time high! But, me being the weird geek I am, probably messed it up. But I talked to my crush today. And we smiled together while looking at each other! 
Best 3 seconds ever! I finally found love... Its in page 145 in the dictionary i have.

so i went to the dentist and took a half day a couple days back. and, guess what? Right after i Left my class had three substitution teachers for physics and math and there was band practise. So while they were playing and chilling out i was stuck with an old man asking me questions while his hands were in my mouth. 

Jay-Z has a song for his daughter names Glory. Glory spelled backwards is yrolg, which in Latin means Absolutely nothing, but i had you for a second there didn't I? 

So i joined this Tuition Centre/center (How's is spelled again?) and I'm having an absolute Blast! My chemistry teacher, instead of saying "CH3COOH" normally, says "see ech three kooh" for fun xD And this teacher eats Slurpees with a spoon. WITH A SPOON! okay so it's not funny when i say it here, but it was funny then. 

And i gotta go now! I have a math exam on Tuesday. Which, is tomorrow, but saying it';s on Tuesday helps me calm down. 

-Peace out-

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I'm blogging through my phone so I don't really know if this'll go on my blog.
it's been a really long time since I last posted on here. Typical of me to loose interest in a website, and regain interest in it!
Man I really hope I'll get views, I'm scared you guys gave up on me. Aw you guys wouldn't do that, you freaking love me ;D Me being the hot little jello and waffle loving thing I am ;)
Well, I'll start posting after my viral fever goes. Im sitting here with a blocked nose and a sore throat (but I'm still awesome) getting slowly killed my boredom.
Till next time you awesome, beautiful, sexy viewers! next time is probably later today or tomorrow. 

You gotta love Helevetica!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single awareness day

Ok cupid. we NEED to talk about your aim here.
I'm going to be completely honest, and say that i am single. and didn't like a boy at all. UNTIL FREAKING NOW.
He used to be my best friend, but now that he's in a different class, all i can do is miss him. My friend told me he admitted to liking me, but its unbelievable... if he did, then he would have come and talked to me, more than just an ocasional smile or laugh or 'hi'. I can feel him drifting apart :(

Well, enough about my failure of a love life. Or the fact that today was valentines day and i spent it with food.

So now i'm at home, and i was playing temple run. Atleast in temple run someone chases after you.